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Top 9 Common Mistakes to avoid on your Website

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Having a poorly designed website can cause businesses to lose customers, and that is money out the door.

It is important to ensure that your website does not contain any of these top 9 Mistakes in Website Design.


Website Design Mistake #1: Spelling Mistakes

This is the number one common error often found on websites and sometimes not so conspicuous or noticed. Nevertheless, it is unprofessional to have words that are spelt incorrectly on your website. It is a sign of laziness and not being meticulous. Often content for your website is produced quickly and may miss the normal spell check that you would do on marketing materials. So after producing the contents for your website carry out the normal spell check and double check for mistakes.


Website Design Mistake #2: Using Blurry Images

Images that are not clear or blurry will not pass across the intended message and can be a huge turn-off for some people. Pictures to be used on the website should be taken by professional photographers and given to professional graphics designers for proper editing. Just like with a spelling mistake, using blurry images on a website is a sign of carelessness. This mistake is a non-forgivable mistake.


Website Design Mistake #3: Using Non-Standard Link Colours

The standard text link colour for a website is blue. This is because most web users are used to seeing the colour ‘blue’ as a link to another page, so when you change the link colour to another one you are likely to confuse them and cause them not to click a link. Except you have chosen to use a single colour different from blue (most people use their brand colour) as your text link colour and it is consistent throughout the website. You are making a mistake when you use more than one colour as your text link colour. When trying to navigate a user using text links try to stay with the standard blue.


Website Design Mistake #4: Complex URL’s

Visitors or users of your site who like a certain page will at times try to remember the page so they can easily navigate back to the page. This is why you should configure your URL to be as short as possible so that it can be easily committed to the memory. URL’s which contain things like!89.php become confusing to the visitor and will distract them from further visits unlike a URL that contains something like


Website Design Mistake #5: Bad text Layout

This has to do with the organization of your text and images. Newspapers usually break up their paragraphs into short and sharp sentence groups for a reason; you should do the same for your website. By making short and sharp sentence groups you will entertain the reader for longer and achieve your goals of conversion.


Website Design Mistake #6:Confusing navigation

You website visitors should be able to know where to go to find the information they need. Making your navigation links hard to locate will discourage users and cause them to lose interest in your site. Believe it or not, navigation plays an important role in how long visitors stay on your site and in the long term how you are able to achieve you goals.


Website Design Mistake #7: Broken links.

Bad links that do nothing when clicked or lead to “404” error page can causes misery for your users. Test your site to ensure that all links work and are directing to the right page.


Website Design Mistake #8: Using Frames

Developers who are often in a hurry to produce work quicker try to cut corners by using frames, which is a great mistake. The effect of this technical mistake is that some links may stop working, navigation will be difficult and the page cannot be bookmarked. Using frames slows computer response and tie up system resources. All these result in a negative user experience – visitors will not be pleased – and can dramatically affect your website in the short and long term. Using frames was a cool thing back then but now it isn’t cool anymore.


Website Design Mistake #9: Hiring Wrong Hands

Hiring wrong hands to develop your website is the worst mistake you could ever make. The wrong hands you hire to design your website will do a shoddy job and create a below-par website that will not help you achieve the set goals for creating your website.


Mistakes happen, but some mistakes are costly.

There are many mistakes that are often made with regards to website design and it’s important to avoid these mistakes.

Ensure you avoid having one or more of these mistakes on your website and if they are present, they should not be overlooked as a trivial thing but should be corrected. Some mistakes can spell doom for a website and your business.

What other mistakes have you noticed when going through some websites? Feel free to share your thought and opinions.

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