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Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that businesses have to engage with customers and ultimately make their lives easier. It is without a doubt one of the most important assets to any inbound marketing strategy and it’s a perfect complement to your website. A blog is a long-term marketing asset that will bring traffic and leads to your business.

Having a blog as part of your corporate website is an important step to allow visitors easily learn additional information about your business and your industry. A blog post may be the first thing a potential customer sees about your company.

Here are some reasons you really need to have a blog for your business:


It is great for SEO:

Blogging creates fresh contents and more pages of contents for your website and this is great for SEO. The more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages you create for search engines to display in their search results. In other words, blogging helps you rank in search engines and get found when people search for industry-specific keywords. Thus, the blog enables you to attract organic traffic and familiarize people with your business.


It establishes you as an industry authority and thought leader:

Your blog can be used as a platform to showcase your expertise on a given subject. So if you have some industry-specific information to share, your blog is a great platform to share it. Your blog will help you earn people’s trust and stay top-of-mind for many in your community. You can inject the knowledge of your business and industry into your blog posts, and make a clear distinction between your brand and your competition. For a start, name the biggest problem your customers have and with that problem in mind, write a detailed blog post that provides practical and non-product focused solutions. This is how you solve your customers’ problems with contents from your blog. You audience will therefore see you as an expert in your industry and prefer you instead of your competitor.


It’s a great channel to converse and engage with your audience and customers:

Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your customer. By connecting directly on your website, your customers are able to get to know your business or product from the comfort of your online home base.  If they have questions about a product you are writing about, they can place comments which you can respond to directly on your blog. As you have discussions with them, you will have a better feel than ever as to what your customers do and do not care about and you will be more and more in tune with their needs.


It helps drive more traffic and leads back to your website:

If your site is having something really unique then people would like to suggest it to their friends. Your site visitors will start trusting on your site and they will look forward for the next content and will keep coming again and again.
It’s a great way to get valuable inbound links: When another website links to a page on your website, it is called an inbound link. Others who find your blog interesting would like to create a link of your site on their sites. More and more people will ask you for guest posting opportunities – either on your site or theirs. And as you guest post on other sites, you’ll be exposed to new audiences, opportunities, and attain more inbound links along the way. It is a way of securing one way links from other relevant sites. This will help to increase your site popularity.


It’s an avenue to get more conversions and sales:

A blog also gives you valuable real estate to place calls-to-action in order to generate leads. At this stage of the game, you are trying to retain your blog readers and engage them further with your website and your content. So you might ask them to sign up for a promotion or download a free guide that you have. Calls-to-action introduce your prospects into the buying process and start qualifying them.


Check out these stats!

  1. Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors.
  2. B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/month than those that don’t.
  3. B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/month than those that don’t.


The facts speak for themselves. Data clearly shows that blogging is a critical piece of the inbound marketing methodology and directly correlates to better business results.

Despite the fact that we mentioned so many blogging benefits here, there are still plenty we are yet to mention … which is why it’s now your turn. Tell us, what would you add to the list? Also, of the benefits mentioned above, which have impacted you and your business the most?

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