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How To Grow Your Business In This Digital Age

The digital age is here to stay and smart business owners are already taking advantage of the new wave of technology tools, techniques, resources and strategies to shoot their sales straight to the next level. Customers are now a lot more conscious about getting value for their money. Business growth can hardly ever occur without careful, intelligent planning backed up by tactful execution. The journey...
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Email Marketing One of The Most Important Form Of Digital Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, Email Marketing still has the highest conversion rate to date of any form of digital marketing.   Here are 5 reasons why you should take email marketing for your business more seriously.   It’s cost-effective: as long as you have an email list of quality leads, you can convert leads to customers at little or no extra cost. It’s a great...
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KEYWORD RESEARCH – Understand What Your Audience are Searching For ‌

What do you do when you want to look something up on Google? You type a word or two or sentence in the Google search bar and watch the search results roll in. Finding the words a visitor is typing inside Google to see your products, services, or content is called Keyword Research. Keyword research is the most critical task for any SEO. Without keyword...
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Ten ways to outsmart your competition

Competition is good for your business. In fact, a healthy rivalry challenges you to work smarter with the resources you have. Successful businesses thrive under competitive pressures. Competition should not be seen as an obstacle, instead it should be seen as an opportunity. In fact, competition can make your business more successful. Here are ten ways you can use to get the most out of...
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Increase Your Click Through Rate on Google Using the Right Meta Description

What is a meta description? The meta description are texts that describes a page of a website or blog and it is usually shown as a snippet in the search engine results pages. The meta description tag is hidden on the page so normal users cannot see it while browsing a webpage but search engine crawlers can read the value and might use it for...
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This is a quick, informative checklist for business owners and organizations looking to create a new website or redesign their current one.  Over 50% of all businesses don’t have a website and many businesses that do have websites have a hard time figuring out how customers can have the best user experience. A high-quality, well-functioning website is an absolute must in today’s business world. It...
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