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Page Speed Optimization

Improve your website loading speed, attract more traffic, retain website visitors

Page speed or your load time refers to how long it takes a webpage to load all its content, which can include text, icons, images, videos etc.  Do the pages on your website take longer than 3 seconds to load? If YES, it’s possible that you’re losing valuable website traffic and visitors because you’re not serving users the information they need fast enough. Making your website load faster is one of the best things you can do to improve its overall performance.

Watch this short video to see what your website page speed should look like

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is as important to a webpage as much as SEO is important to your website. A webpage optimized to load faster and accurately not only retain users but also help Search Engines robot to crawl the site faster thereby, ranking high on Google and other Search Engines.

Fast loading websites are good for SEO, user experience, and conversions. Google counts website loading speed as a parameter in Search Engine Optimization and as a ranking factor. 

We use industry-leading tools to optimize your website for the fastest loading times and test them to ensure we have done it right. Our primary objective is to impress your site’s users and leave them with the perception that they’ve just visited the fastest website they’ve ever seen.

We are a team of experts

Our expert runs page speed optimization services on your WordPress website in order to ensure that your web property is displaying your information as soon as possible within the proficiencies of your hosting provider.

Google crawl fast loading website first whenever a search is requested and doesn’t like slow websites and has publicly stated that slow websites won’t rank as high in the search engine results. For your website to rank high on search results, our experts go through a painstaking process of testing numerous different performance configurations, making your website as fast as it can possibly be for your site’s real, human users.

The end result of our work is a custom-made, real-world, results-oriented performance architecture that is robust, self-maintaining, self-evolving and as automatic as possible so your website can achieve its full potential online.

Improve your website loading time by using our Page Speed Optimization Services.  We will optimize your website to influence your hosting to achieve maximum performance.  The resulting lower page file size, DNS lookups, and requests from the server, the faster the content is served.

Optimizing a Slow Loading Page Speed

...into a Fast Loading Page Speed

Optimize Images

We make sure that the images on your website are optimized and reduce their file size without sacrificing their visual quality. We’ll also auto-compress any images you upload in the future.

Minify JS and CSS

Minification is what commonly breaks most themes and plugins. We have a system in place to take your minification as far as possible while keeping your site working perfectly.

Enabling Browser Caching

We set up a regularly-updated saved version of your website. When people visit your site, they’re showed a faster-loading updated cache version instead of loading the entire website.

Enable Compression

We enable and configure the Gzip compression installed on your servers to make sure your cache and other files are maximizing the resources available to your website to load fast. This means a fast loading website.

Reduce Server Response Time

Reducing the number of required resources can consolidate the load time. Use inline scripts and stylesheets for small modifications. Compress or minify your resources, so that it reduces the space on the server.

Enable Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network copies your website to servers around the world and delivers it to users from the server closest to their geographical location. This is optional based on client requirement.

Why you should hire us to optimize your Website Page Speed

Below are the steps we take to speed up your website

Information Gathering & Diagnosis

Before we start, we need more specific information on the challenge you’re facing with your website and need to get some login details from you.

Once we have access to your website, we work through an extensive checklist to uncover what is making your website to load slow. There’s usually one or more specific reasons why your site is running slow.

Usually, we will need an administrator level WordPress login details and Cpanel access.

Fix the Root Cause of The Problem

Once we’ve identified the reason why your website page speed is slow, we will then fix it! Most times we find the problem and fix it within 24 – 72 hours.

Speed Optimizations & Optional Implementation of Cloudflare CDN

Once we fix the slow web page slow loading problem, we proceed to optimize your website for faster loading time.

In this final stage we’ll reconfigure your WordPress settings to improve your image size and compression, optimize your caching and tweak your database for maximum speed. These incremental gains can have a surprising impact on load speed.

For most websites, we also recommend using Cloudflare (CDN). It’s a website acceleration service and content delivery network with 100s of servers worldwide.  This means that no matter where in the world your customers access your site, they will always get the fastest possible load times.

This configuration is optional  in our page speed optimization service checklist, but it’s highly recommended as it can reduce the remaining load time by up to another 50% AND for the majority of sites we work on, the free plan is all you need.

Speed Up Your Website Today!

Don’t lose valuable website traffic and visitors because you’re not serving users the information they need fast enough. Fill out the form and we will be glad to speed up your website.


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